HUGS for 911

Affords surgical care for first responders and family members.

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HUGS for Stars & Stripes

Honors all military and immediate family members with surgical care.

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HUGS for You & Me

Provides underinsured individuals with surgical care.

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Meet Phillip.

Phillip was out of work due to debilitating cataracts that progressively worsened, leaving him blind for 5 years. Having to adjust to a new life without the ability to see—one we too often take for granted—Phillip had a difficult time completing daily tasks, getting around and remained unable to find work.

Phillip heard about Project HUGS from a friend, and sent in an application hoping HUGS would be the life-changer he so desperately needed .

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Who We Are.


Project HUGS Foundation provides underinsured individuals with surgical care.

Our mission is simple: to ensure everyone receives the surgical care they need, at minimal to no additional cost.

Latest News

When Project HUGS Foundation began, its goal was to enable the underinsured to receive the surgical care they need under HUGS for You & Me. Now, we have expanded this goal to encompass active and retired military and First Responders.  Project HUGS Foundation is proud to introduce its newest subdivisions, HUGS for Stars & Stripes and HUGS for 911. We want to serve those who have selflessly served us, while continuing to provide our services to the underinsured.  HUGS for Stars … read more