HUGS for 911

Affords surgical care for first responders and family members.

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HUGS for Stars & Stripes

Honors all military and immediate family members with surgical care.

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HUGS for You & Me

Provides underinsured individuals with surgical care.

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Meet Phillip.

Phillip was out of work due to debilitating cataracts that progressively worsened, leaving him blind for 5 years. Having to adjust to a new life without the ability to see—one we too often take for granted—Phillip had a difficult time completing daily tasks, getting around and remained unable to find work.

Phillip heard about Project HUGS from a friend, and sent in an application hoping HUGS would be the life-changer he so desperately needed .

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Who We Are.


Project HUGS Foundation provides underinsured individuals with surgical care.

Our mission is simple: to ensure everyone receives the surgical care they need, at minimal to no additional cost.

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