About Us

Dr. Severko Hrywnak founded Project HUGS Foundation in 2011. As both a retired M.D. and owner of a surgical center in Chicago, Dr. Hrywnak saw a unique opportunity to give back to his community by providing surgeries to underinsured individuals at minimal to no cost.

His vision shaped the framework for our program today.

Project HUGS has continued to grow as a comprehensive program, providing pre-operation evaluations, surgeries and post-op check-ups at minimal to no cost.

Since its inception, Project HUGS has led the way in saving and changing the lives of many individuals in the Chicago area. In the coming years, we hope to take our program nationwide.



When Project HUGS Foundation began, its goal was to enable the underinsured to receive the surgical care they need under HUGS for You & Me. Now, we have expanded this goal to encompass active and retired military and First Responders. 

Project HUGS Foundation is proud to introduce its newest subdivisions, HUGS for Stars & Stripes and HUGS for 911. We want to serve those who have selflessly served us, while continuing to provide our services to the underinsured.  HUGS for Stars & Stripes caters to active military and veterans, including their immediate family members, while HUGS for 911 tends to active and retired First Responders and their immediate family members. 

Together, the branches of HUGS will ensure that all, qualified U.S Citizens acquire surgical care at minimal to no cost.​