Meet Phillip






Phillip was out of work due to debilitating cataracts that progressively worsened, leaving him blind for 5 years.  Having to adjust to a new life without the ability to see—one we too often take for granted—Phillip had a difficult time completing daily tasks, getting around and remained unable to find work, making it impossible to afford the surgery needed to correct his cataract-caused blindness.

Phillip heard about Project HUGS from a friend, and sent in an application hoping HUGS would be the life-changer he so desperately needed.

We at Project HUGS were touched by Phillip’s determination to overcome this hardship and better his life, and wanted to help him, as we do everyone who is in need of our services.

After reaching out to doctors in our network, we found a match for Phillip to receive his cataract surgery at no cost.

Giving Phillip back his ability to see, while not quite life-saving, was such a magical gift to witness, knowing that he would never miss another Spring morning or friend’s smile and would finally be able to return to the workforce with perfect 20/20 vision and a renewed faith in this beautiful world and the unfailing kindness of others.

We are so grateful for the selfless generosity of all of our donors, sponsors and partners who make stories like Phillip’s possible. Their support of our mission truly does change lives.