Project HUGS Shares Healthcare Commitments with Michelle Obama

In October 2011, Project HUGS (Helping Uninsured Get Surgery) had the opportunity to spend time with First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss their commitment to the new healthcare reform being done in our country. Being an organization who believes in offering surgery to uninsured patients around the nation, Project HUGS shares Michelle Obama’s belief that while the new healthcare system will not be perfect, it should be implemented.

The Obama administration proposes a government-sponsored health insurance plan, or a public option which would be available to those who could not afford to insure themselves and their families. This plan would alleviate many problems that our country has with those who are uninsured needing medical procedures but not being able to afford them.

“First Lady Obama has spearheaded an approach that deals with this very issue now. Hopefully together we can cut down not only the financial burdens of much needed surgeries, but the overall need for surgery in general,” commented Project HUGS COO Brij Desai.

Project HUGS and Michelle Obama share a commitment for healthcare and much needed benefits for the uninsured. This commitment fueled an influx of applications for surgery from those in need across America.

“We are honored to share time with the First Lady and look forward to making an impact in the surgical field that helps those in need when they need it most. We are going to change many lives in a major way in 2012,” concluded Desai.